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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day Nails - Classic Gold and Red

Valentines day is just around the corner so I thought I would put up another nail design :) This manicure only involves two nail polishes and a make up wedge so is simple, fast and anyone can do it while still creating an effective look that appears to have taken hours to master.

Die Another Day Goldeneye OPI

I started off by applying a base coat to help protect my nails, and then added 3 thin coats of Opi's Goldeneye to my ring finger's to achieve a perfect coverage and Opi's Die Another Day to my remaining fingers using three thin coats :) 

Goldeneye OPI

For this next step you need a disposable make up wedge or a similar sponge that is very dense, proceed to apply a fairly thick coat of Goldeneye onto an edge of the sponge that is slightly longer than your nails are wide, dab off the excess onto a sheet of paper (this enables you to gradually build up the coverage onto your nails). Carefully blot the sponge onto your nails starting at the tip and working down towards the nail bed leaving a gap clear of the sponged gold just before your cuticle. Continue this process 2-3 more times not going as far down your nail with each application until your tips are solid gold, which transitions into gold with flecks of red poking though till it ends with pure red by  the cuticle. It should look a little some thing like this:

Die Another Day Goldeneye OPI Gradient

Repeat this process on to your remaining nails and top off with a super glossy top coat to add extra shine :)

Die Another Day Goldeneye OPI Gradient

I think this look is super romantic and sexy and is sure to impress everyone you meet especially that special Valentine ❣ 

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