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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bundle Monster 2013 Create Your Own Collection

Earlier last year Bundle Monster gave the opportunity for fans to submit designs and have them engraved on plates and sold as a whole collection and I was lucky enough to purchase a set last week (realised they ship to New Zealand). This set is comprised of 26 plates with 6 designs on each plate and there is a wide range of different patterns to suit everyone.

The collection comes in a handy zip-lock plastic bag with a clear panel at the back so you can see what plates are in there. This is quite a handy storage option to keep your plates in if you don't have a stamping plate folder yet.

The plates come with plastic backing to reduce the sharpness of the edges (caution still needs to be taken when handling as I did slice my thumb open a little bit...ouch...), the plates also come with a blue film over the images to prevent damage in transit and NEEDS to be removed before use.

I will also note that these full nail images are larger than Konad's. Konad's full nail images measure 1.2cm wide and 1.5cm high while Bundle Monsters measure 1.4cm wide and 1.7cm high so will more likely fit thumbs and fingers with wider nail beds :)
This set is absolutely amazing and congratulations to everyone that had an image printed as I'm in love with all the images in this collection. If you wish to see any images stamped onto my nails feel free to comment and I will post images for you :P

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