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Monday, 31 March 2014


From the Orly Spring 2013 Mash-Up Collection I bring you Pretty-Ugly (and by all means is it definitely not ugly in any sense of the word) This is one unique shade of mint blue with aqua shimmer that craves the sun. I did need 4 thin coats to achieve an even colour all over, this meant a long drying time and also kinda thick looking in places as you can see around some of my tips.

Orly Pretty Ugly Shade

This is in the shade with a high gloss top coat, shows how minty and fresh the colour really is.

You can see the shimmer very well in both sun and shade which is a nice bonus not always present in shimmer polish.

Orly Pretty Ugly Shimmer

This was the best photo I could get that showed of the fine shimmer and how truly dense it is.

Orly Pretty Ugly Sun

Here is one last photo of the nail polish in the sunlight, you can just make out it is a bit thick in some places but its beauty in person does outshine these minor flaws :) I am in love with the fact it appears pastel but on closer inspection it does have shimmer. Hope you all enjoy Pretty-Ugly just as much as I do.

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